Bewitchment Wiki

Disclaimer: As this page references planned or upcoming features, what is listed here may change before the release of the next major update of the mod and may end up not being entirely accurate.

Drop 1.12.2 Support

As of now, 1.12.2 will not receive any new content or updates, but will be set to "maintenance only" status. However, once all critical issues are fixed, support for 1.12.2 will be dropped entirely. 1.12.2 will be deprecated long before the 1.16 port is live.

1.16 Port to Fabric

The next major plan is a port to Minecraft 1.16, to the Fabric modloader, dropping support for Forge. This will include the removal of many fluff-type features, numerous overhauls, both visually as well as with a vastly expanded configuration system, allowing one to easily add, remove, and tweak rites. The 1.16 update is, for all intents and purposes, more a rewrite of Bewitchment to streamline it as well as update its visual assets to better match that of the updated vanilla artstyle, than a mere port.

Some planned changes include:

  • Both visual and functional overhauls to Baphomet and Leonard
  • Return of Brambles
  • Remove the Witch's Oven and tree fumes, instead replacing them with bark of the respective tree stripped by an Athame
  • Ability to use the three sect fleece as altar carpets
  • 1.16-oriented content including blackstone altars and demon lord statues, and netherite goblets and candelabras
  • Transformations


As a way to add new content without adding fluff to the base mod, the Bewitchment team will release a series of official addons, both to add new content that may not fit perfectly in the base mod, as well as to showcase the power of the updated json system. Most content removed from the base mod with the 1.16 port/rewrite will be given new life in addons, along with plenty of all-new features exclusive to the addons.

1.18.X Revision?

(From an active discord user's POV.) There has been talks and comments about revising the mod in some way even further in future versions from the devs. Though the extent of which is not publicly known. Cybercat5555 has been observed to talk about drastic changes to the mod which would make it look considerably different from its predecessors. (examples are: no transformations, no demons, theming along the lines of traditional witchcraft, etc.) Though this was quickly shushed by MoriyaShiine not too long later saying something along the lines of "can you stop "confirming" things?" Ultimately we'll have to wait and see as the devs no longer give sneak peeks.