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This page contains information about admins, information for (new) admins, and guidelines on how admins should behave.

Staff Etiquette

These guidelines should be known by all wiki staff:

Staff Etiquette

List of all current Admins

See also: Moderators

Currently, there are 7 admins on Bewitchment Wiki:

Active admins

These admins can usually easily be contacted on the wiki. If not, they're generally rather active on Discord, the mod's Facebook page, or both.

Spinosaurus111 - Sunconure11 - Mod owner

SureinDragon - Wiki formatter

Cybercat5555 - Mod Artist

Ayrion1 - Server Staff

Masked_Elephant - Server Staff

The Power of the Admins

Admins can do things that normal contributors can't. That's why they are admins, you know? Here is a list of things that only admins can do:

  • Renaming pages
  • Deleting pages
  • Banning users (also see: Banning Guideline for Admins)
  • Protecting pages
  • Editing protected pages
  • De-/Activating wiki features (such as badges)
  • Editing or deleting any comment, blog, forum thread, or user page
  • Changing the design (CSS and wiki theme) and menu structure of the wiki

The Responsibility of an Admin

Being an admin is not just a privilege but also a responsibility. The main task for admins is to make sure that the wiki runs as intended. The main tasks of admins are:

  • Deleting and renaming pages on request -- while all registered users can rename up to three pages every 24 hours, admins can rename as many as needed in a day. They can also delete pages, something normal users can't do at all.
  • Moderating the chat by warning or banning misbehaving users -- chat moderators also have this responsibility (also see: Banning Guideline for Admins)
  • Deleting wrong or unhelpful information on pages and eventually ban the responsible user
  • Helping users with editing pages, creating signatures, wiki coding, etc.
  • Moderating the forums, message walls, and comments

Useful links for admins

  • Editcount - displays a user's edits, and where they're most active
  • Contributions - displays a user's contributions
  • ListFiles - displays a list of the files that are on this wiki
  • Log - displays a list of which pages a user renamed, moved, or deleted
  • Log/block - displays a user's ban log
  • Insights - displays issues with the wiki, e.g. content not working on mobile devices

Bewitchment Mod Staff

Owner: Sunconure11
Coders: BerciTheBeast
Textures: BlacknightPhallusophicalCybercat5555
Models: Cybercat5555
Sound files: N/A
Wiki Admins: SureinDragonNA